Community Guidelines and Contacts

Rich Messer

Director of Dining Services
(ext. 3277)
[email protected]
Wendi Warger

Operations Manager
(ext. 3391)
[email protected]
Carrie Quimby

Assistant Director,
Registered Dietitian
(ext. 3488)
[email protected]
Anna Piergentili

Dining Manager
(ext. 3188)
[email protected]
Tim Steffens

Executive Chef
(ext. 3265)
[email protected]

Please follow this guide to sustain a clean, safe, and sanitary dining hall:

Return dishes and utensils to the dish room.

Clean the area at which you ate.

If a dish is broken, ask a Dining Hall employee for help.

Wash hands or use hand sanitizers before touching utensils or dishes.

Do not reuse plates -- bus dishes then grab a new one to avoid cross-contamination.

Do not lick fingers then touch dishes or utensils.

Begin eating only after sitting down.

Use provided serving utensils to serve food -- do not use hands.

Avoid touching eyes, face, and mouth while retrieving food.

Cover mouth when coughing.

Avoid horseplay, loud eruptions, and throwing things.

Familiarize with and respect the guidelines for the use of technology in Alumni Hall.

After borrowing a chair please return it to its correct place.

Please push in your chair after your done.

Do not remove dishes, plates, glasses, or utensils from Alumni Hall.

Do not take food out of Alumni Hall.

Taking a sandwich, fruit, cookie, or ice cream cone is acceptable, although a portion is considered to be one, not handfuls or dozens.

Please remember, in order to maintain excellence in food and service, we all must participate in maintaining a clean, safe, and sanitary environment for all to enjoy their dining experience in Alumni Hall.